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AbleSys AbleSys - Trading system, trading signals

AbleSys - Trading system, trading signals


AbleSys Corporation (ASC) is a worldwide leader in universal financial trading software and web application. As the creator of the benchmark ASCTrend indicator, AbleSys has long been synonymous with cutting edge financial trading technology. AbleSys strives to develop innovative products and services that meet users' evolving need in the Internet age. Founded in 1994, AbleSys is a Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), specializing in trading software and Internet applications. Products include eASCTrend/ASCTrend and WinTick.

Soft Products

AbleTrend 7.0 is a fully automatic trading system, providing objective buy and sell signals for financial markets. Other features are real-time and end of day multi-market autoscan.

ASCTrend is a trend indicator introduced in 1995 that seeks early recognition of market trends along with the setting of optimal stops.
WinTick is a search engine for hot picks that uses (e)ASCTrend Trading Signal to scan over 10,000 stocks and 43 US futures markets at the End of Day (EOD).

Industry's first universal trading system: eASCTrend 6.0

eASCTrend is a stand-alone windows program. Evolving from the classic benchmark ASCTrend indicators, eASCTrend is a fully automatic trading system. It provides 100% objective buy/sell signals and stops for financial markets. eASCTrend signals are based on time-tested award winning ASCTrend technology and statistical back-testing performance reports. Unlike other systems that are dependent on curve-fitting, eASCTrend is universal, and works with any time frame. Other features include real-time and end of day muti -market AutoScan . The trading system software requires only one chart, only one system, less time to learn, and no interpretation during trading hours. Virtual Paper Trading (VPT), Exit rules, No Trade Zone (NTZ), Auto Order Excution (AOE) and Money Management modules etc. are built-in.

Time-tested innovative trend indicator packages: (e ) ASCTrend 3.0/3.5/6.0 Classic

ASCTrend was first introduced in 1995 and soon became one of the best-selling trend indicators and a new benchmark in trading. ASCTrend has convinced even the most market-hardened traders, risk managers and CTA's that it can improve their trading results. Today, ASCTrend is used worldwide. Trading firms, banks, fund managers, trading advisors, professional, and novice traders use ASCTrend . ASCTrend is proprietary and based on an important market principle. It seeks early recognition of market trends, coupled with the setting of optimal stops, for the purpose of guiding the traders toward ultimate profit. ASCTrend indicators are universal: They work with any markets and with any time charts. It makes no difference whether the markets are stocks, futures, bonds, forex , mutual funds, options or any freely traded markets. The trend indicator software requires multiple charts, multiple indicators, much time to learn, and dedicated time to interpret during trading hours.


Online search engine/trading system: WinTick

WinTick is a search engine for hot picks. Using the (e ) ASCTrend Trading Signal, WinTick scans through more than 10,000 stocks and 43 futures of the U.S. markets at the End Of Day (EOD). WinTick provides extensive daily reports, such as today's hot picks, next day buy/sell target prices, back testing performance results, performance comparison between WinTick and buy/hold, and customized portfolio management.

Cost & Standard Terms Of Delivery

eASCTrend 6.0 $128/month
(e) ASCTrend 3.0/3.5/6.0 Classic $188/month

WinTick :
Stocks Version $ 38/month
Professional $58/month

25 June 2012   onmyown   AbleSys
I have tried many trading systems and Ablesys is by far the best. If you take the time to read the training material and watch the videos provided, you know when to avoid entering the market even when given a Buy or Sell signal. If you follow the guidelines given, you are presented with several winning trades a day (I trade 1 YM contract on a 2 minute chart). When I follow the rules, I have great results just using the Ablesys indicators. 50+ point moves are not unusual. Enter at every Buy and Sell signal and you will not do so well, but if you follow the guidelines they give you and use the program as it is laid out and you can easily make a nice living using this system.
13 February 2012   DanDP   AbleSys
The indicators are pretty much based on Williams&R. I have seen the "unpacked" version. With this said, I have not tested the performance of easctrend 6.0 or abesys 7.0 so I can't be much help. However, for an expensive piece of software Easctrend 6.0 had a very primitive back testing function and a not very realistic execution at bar close. That is, on a daily chart the trade has to be executed at the very close of the day (not next open) or at leastt o be given that option when backtesting. If the system makes money in a strong trend but loses money in a sideways choppy marked, I know of a way to save you money. A moving average crossover will do just as well. You will never miss a big move but you will get many false signals when the market is not trending. If you ever find a way to filter out the false signals this will be a moneymaker.
17 January 2012   Josh   AbleSys
Here is the latest on Able 7.10, after starting to charge existing customers yearly maintenance fees (including charging those customers that bought the "Deluxe" version of the software with supposedly lifetime registration) they are now charging data "service" fees. And that's for data from other vendors - eSignal, RealTicketc etc. If I have a Lifetime Deluxe Version, now I have to pay yearly maintenance fees on the software, plus data fees plus data access module fees.... nice gig they have going there.

11 January 2012   Ron Marshall   AbleSys
Thanks for taking the time, tells me all I need to know.
I had pretty much gone off the idea and am trading with just EMA's, Stochs and RSI. Managing pretty good.

10 December 2011   BattleM   AbleSys
I did use it twice.

I have just finished testing Ver 7.0. This is what I found.

First ran into it via S&C magazine a couple of years back in its previous version. At that time eASCTrend was promoted by John Wang as black box setup via its Hybrid Trading method. It had clear cut rules with zero room for trader discretion. It was simple and very logical in it's approach, although I am still not sure how those signals are's looks like a trend following a breakout but sometimes it looks inconsistent.

The real sickener here is this - the HTM method which was touted as back tested over 10years is no longer offered as the default approach. It's still there but it's been replaced subtly as the goto method by the simpler STM (non mechanical and highly discretionary approach).

The company claims this was abandoned as they have now adopted a discretionary approach to all three of entires, exits and S&R's. By dropping the mechanical approach they are subtly admitting that the mechanical model did not work (but try to get their salesman to admit that...ha ha) Going back to the discretionary approach (by it's very definition) relies on the traders technical analysis skills. Anyone serious enough to spend thousands of dollars on ABleSys and even more on the datafeed would assumably have done their TA homework before they started trading anyway (unless they plan on losing their money).

For the uninitiated, while seeing green red and blue dots seems all too easy, but the discretion that smarter traders have plus the money management and trader discipline required is not taught by the system.

Additionally, AbleSys itself says that the system does not work in a sideways takes considerable practice to understand the sideways vs. trending market timeframes. That makes a big difference in the results and the software leaves itto you to get the setups correct.

So - count it all in. There are so many qualifications before ablesys has a fighting chance of producing good results. As mentioned, in a trending market it produces good results, but was everyone a genius before the nasdaq bubble popped or before the uranium bubble popped.
So buyer beware! Both tests on eASCTrend 6.0 and 7.0 are a waste of a lot of money.

Good common sense technical analysis would likely produce the same results.

3 September 2012   AbleSys
Three Keys to a Winning System
If you are looking for an accurate and highly profitable winning trading system or you are looking for a system to confirm the signals generated by your existing trading decision-making tools, you need to be aware of these important criteria in selecting the right trading decision-making system...
3 July 2012   AbleSys
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